Our flagship product, the mVoucher system has been active since April, 2016. From then till now, we have made digital transactions worth 1,177,633,700+ billion so far and had 45,878 vouchers redeemed by beneficiaries.
The mVoucher (mobile voucher) system is built to help development organisations, governments as well as humanitarian organisations that manage and distribute subsidies to their beneficiaries for purposes of purchasing either agricultural products such as seed crops and fertilizers as well as farming equipment. M-Voucher is helping the facilitation of distributing subsidy contributions through the voucher system as well as keeping track of beneficiary contributions.
We’ve worked with Mercy Corps and very recently GOAL in the last one year to enable beneficiaries in now 12 districts mostly in northern and southern Karamoja to effect digital payments of over 1 billion Uganda Shillings through the voucher system.
We are just getting started! Contact us to learn more: info@vouchdigital.africa