At the beginning of 2018 we announced our rebrand to operate as Vouch Digital Limited.
Why Vouch Digital? – Our new brand identity speaks clearly about the niche we’ve curved out for ourselves in the digital ecosystem. In the past one year we’ve tested, piloted, and built digital voucher systems that have enabled thousands of farmers access seed crops, post-harvest equipment as well as farming equipment.
We’ve demonstrated that a simple mobile phone can be used to bring life changing innovations that solve some of the critical issues faced in cash-based programs. We’ve demonstrated that digital payments can be scaled to help customers often forgotten at the last-mile.

It’s time to move a step further, Vouch Digital is looking at adding more life changing digital technologies for a wider customer base. We are positioning ourselves to build viable, scalable solutions in the distribution sector. We aim to work with government programs that distribute life changing products and services to beneficiaries, refugee programs that distribute goods and various items to refugees in host communities and camps, organizations that work with farmers and distribute items such as fertilizers, seedlings and farming equipment.

Our new company mission is: To help programs as well as partners interpret the impact of their programs by using real-time accurate data derived from our digital platforms. While our vision is; To champion digital platforms & digital payment methods for a digital economy.

In addition to our award-winning product; M-Voucher, we hope to add another exciting product the M-Voucher+ (the smart card voucher application) that will be released by end of Q1 this year.
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