The M-Voucher system uses physical voucher cards for hard-to-reach beneficiaries with no access to smart phones or feature phones.
The card bears instructions on how to redeem it at the nearest authorized dealer / merchant.

M-Voucher+ The Smart Card Voucher Application

The M-Voucher+ uses a permanent voucher smart card that’s reusable. The voucher cards work as an identity card issued to beneficiaries. With this card we track each beneficiary bio data as well as goods and items they are eligible to redeem from approved merchants, shopkeepers or agro-dealers.

Instant Verification

Our USSD platform checks eligibility of each beneficiary before merchants can redeem goods and items for beneficiaries.

Instant Payments

Merchants who redeem vouchers get paid instantly through mobile money. Our direct integration with MNOs allow us to effect quick payments to merchants and agro-dealers.

Accurate Data

Great presentation of real-time data collected during each voucher activity. Data is presented using graphs and charts for easy visualization

Offline Data Collection

Field officers are given tools to collect data on each beneficiary before a voucher activity. This data synchronizes as soon as they get access to an Internet connection

Intelligent card features that eliminate fraud

Our card design is built with intelligent features (checks and balances) that help eliminate fraud.

Product verification through tagging

We work directly with suppliers to put unique tags on each authentic product. For each voucher redeemed, a product code is a requirement. This process eliminates fake products from being distributed.