Our Mission

To help businesses, corporates and NGOs leverage data and digital tools to increase transparency and efficiency in programming.

Our Belief

As businesses continue to find their way online we believe that one fundamental aspect that will set successful businesses apart is the ability to understand their audiences and serve them better. In order to do that, businesses are going to have to innovate around customer acquisition, retention and rewards. 

At Vouch, we have built the infrastructure to allow businesses leverage digital customer incentives to acquire, retain and reward customers. Our promotions engine helps digital teams from all backgrounds to leverage our API-first platform to create state of the art campaigns and promotions that drive business excellence.

Our Story

Born in 2017 at the Innovation Village Kampala, Vouch’s fundamental belief that “Data is the new oil” led the team to build a platform that leverages Data and Digital solutions [Payments, Incentives and Entitlements] to improve business growth and value chains.

To date: The Vouch platform for digital entitlements has already been deployed as a “digital supply chain: solution for over 100,000 beneficiaries in one of Africa’s harshest environments – Karamoja, situated in the northern part of the country.

What’s the need for a “digital supply chain?” Unreliable payments, lack of trust between suppliers, distributors and farmers, as well as lack of affordable rural finance plague almost any market in rural Africa.

The Vouch platform for digital entitlements helps solve these market breakdowns.

In 2020, We integrated and launched our Vouch Promotions Engine that delivers Digital Incentives; The digital incentives platform is meant to help businesses incentivize clients for acquisition, activation, retention and loyalty programs.

We believe that in this new era, businesses that understand their customers better backed by data improve their business performance. Our incentives platform helps businesses and brands alike better understand and grow with their customers.