Bringing transparency and traceability to cash programs

Vouch’s electronic voucher system helps simplify the process of transferring cash value through vouchers for accessing goods, services, and entitlements to end-users across the world.

Whether your company is looking to distribute conditional [item-specific] or non-conditional [open-ended] vouchers, we provide you the tools to run voucher programs with ease.

Trace your digital entitlements

The Vouch platform helps facilitate disbursement of digital entitlements to end-users across the world.

By ensuring end-to-end traceability of digital assets, your organization easily tracks impact of each dollar amount.

Easily invite program participants, track redemptions, get real-time voucher insights, make payments and generate reports for your voucher program.

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Delivering Life-changing Goods & Services

Working with different partners, Vouch has implemented a number of digital entitlements programs and distributed a wide range of life-changing products such as seed crops, fertilizers, farming equipment as well as nutrition products.

The platform allows for bulk upload of participants or self-enrollment. Sends vouchers to participants and allows payments to merchants to go through the platform.


Learn more about the e-voucher system and how it can be customized for your needs.