Nothing boosts business growth like a good referral program

Are you looking to promote a specific part of your business that is not yet known to your customer?

Do you know that our double-sided referral programs can help you achieve this goal? Reward a customer every time they refer a friend to your product to boost business growth.

Create simple refer-a-friend campaigns

Each time a new referral signs up with a referral code, an email is automatically triggered with a reward.

You can choose from either a single sided referral program where you reward the referrer or double-sided where you reward both the person who referred and the one who took an action.

Be innovative with your referrals

Each time a customer makes an order, we send an automatic SMS message with a referral code to share with friends.

This amplifies your business brand and elevates business growth.

Review top referral programs and top promoters

With our integrated business analytics, you get to analyze your campaigns simply while drawing important insights to help customer acquisition.